The River Cave tour is our most exciting and popular cave tour.

After a 2-hour walk through the beautiful landscapes of southern Petén in Guatemala we reach the River Cave.

Inside the cave there are springs among the rocks, and they form a spectacular underground river which runs through the entire cave. Once you enter the cave the walk is all in water.

Inside the cave you can see rock formations, vaults, stalactites, and stalagmites. There are rapids and small underground waterfalls.

At the end of the cave there is a huge waterfall where you can jump from the rocks into the water.

Enjoy the atmosphere with candlelight and feel the magic of this cave.

This all-day guided cave trek is an amazing adventure! According to people joining our tour this river cave is more beautiful and exciting than the river cave in Semuc Champey.

The River Cave was discovered in 1969 by its current owner Santos Valeriana Cajbón and her husband Felipe Yat, whose father and uncle were chicleros and took them to the Petén jungle.

No children under 7 years. 

Must know how to swim.

No valuables.

You should bring:

  • A flashlight with enough battery for 2 hours
  • Closed shoes
  • Comfortable clothes that can get wet
  • Food and water – You can order a sandwich to take away in the morning in our restaurant

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