Finca Ixobel takes pride in serving family style delicious fresh foods and beverages. Our own organic garden offers fresh greens. Other fruits and vegetables come from the local market daily.

Finca Ixobel
Best takeaway food in Poptún
on Restaurant Guru 2020

Spoil yourself with daily fresh made breads and pastries from our own bakery including wheat, white, English muffins and an array of sweet breads such as banana, pumpkin and carrot bread, our famous cinnamon rolls and a selection of delicious pies and cakes.

Dinners are always a special event. Everyone gathers to share the events of the day as they enjoy a plentiful meal.

Our famous dinner buffet on weekends features beef, chicken, pork, and vegetarian entrees accompanied by fresh cooked vegetables as well as fresh salads, fresh bread, coffee, herb tea or cold natural drink.

After dinner enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee with a slice of our delicious home made desserts. Other beverages include wine as well as rum and other liquors and cocktails.

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