Book a tour to Petén’s version of Semuc Champey!

We bring you to the banks of the picturesque Machaquila River where you can swim in natural limestone pools, with crystal clear water. Las Pozas Riverpools also have canopies/zip line and ties throughout the place, so you can have fun.

The turquoise water is surrounded by majestic nature. 

Many tourists visit the natural pools in Semuc Champey close to Lanquín in Coban, but miss out on this hidden gem, located only a few hours from Tikal and Flores in Petén. Book your Guatemala tour to Las Pozas riverpools before everyone else finds out about this secret spot!

There are restrooms, a restaurant, an area with grills and tables, a volleyball net and soccer field.

This activity lasts approximately 4 to 6 hours.

We recommend bringing a towel, a bathing suit, food and drink and protection from the sun.