finca ixobel eco hotel poptun peten guatemala

ecological Hotel

finca ixobel eco hotel poptun peten guatemala

ecological Hotel


Finca Ixobel offers a variety of accommodations sure to please everyone. We offer rooms with private bathrooms, with shared bathrooms, dorm rooms, tree houses and a large campground. 

finca ixobel eco hotel poptun guatemala treehouse


There is plenty to do at Finca Ixobel but we don’t want you to miss out on the other wonderful attractions that this area has to offer. Visit archeological sites or visit one of the nearby rivers where you can swim.  

finca ixobel eco hotel poptun guatemala caves

Ecological Hotel

Finca Ixobel

Finca Ixobel is the perfect getaway for friends and family any time of the year and one of the most memorable places to visit in Guatemala. We are a must see on your way to and from Tikal.

In today’s world it is nice to know that there is such a place as Finca Ixobel where you can escape to relax and enjoy the natural world around us.

We are an eco friendly hotel and campground located in the foothills of the Mayan mountains at an elevation of 600 meters. We are in the northern region of Guatemala, less than 5 kilometers south of the town of Poptún, in a unique setting of pine forest and jungle.

we are ecological

Some of the hot water for showers gets heated by solar energy. We also have a wood-burning stove in our kitchen which we use for cooking and to send hot water to our kitchen and bakery sinks, the jungle shower and one other shower…


Finca Ixobel is a great place to stay, but if you really want a wonderful experience, become part of our team as a volunteer.

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