We take you to Tikal for a one day excursion. It is one of the largest Mayan archaeological sites in Central America. 

The trip in our Land Rover takes about 2 hours to get there from Finca Ixobel. We leave at 7 am and arrive at Tikal at about 9 am. You will have sufficient time to explore this beautiful National Park. Remember, to climb to the top of Temple 4 where you will see the beautiful jungle below. 

We leave at 2:30 pm and drive one hour to the island of Flores which is the oldest city in the Petén. This city is unique as it was built on an island on Lake Petén Itza. It is the perfect place to buy that something special to take back home with you. We leave Flores at 6 pm which gets you back to Finca Ixobel in time for your evening meal. 

2 persons minimum 

Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Perhaps take a bathing suit to dip into Lake Petén Itza. 

Take extra water

Includes a box lunch