Hot Water System

Some of the hot water for showers gets heated by solar energy.  We also have a wood-burning stove in our kitchen which we use for cooking and to send hot water to our kitchen and bakery sinks.  The water also gets sent to some showers.  We only use dead wood from our forest.

Water Supply

Our water tanks get partially filled with fresh spring water with our RAM PUMP SYSTEM which does not use any commercial kind of energy such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene or electricity.  The ram pumps use the fall of the water to provide the water pressure against air pressure in a small tank which in turn pumps water to our tanks.  The process repeats itself 24 hours a day.  This system has been in use since 1972.

Solar Clothes Dryer

We have built a structure which uses the sun to dry clothes rapidly without gas or electricity.


Since our arrival in 1971, we have used the system known as composting.  This uses the leftover fruit and vegetable rinds, cut grass, dried leaves, chicken and horse manure and a very black dirt that is made by a special kind of worm.  This mixture is used to fertilize our garden and trees.

Vermiculture (Red Worms)

We use these special red worms for making black dirt that is filled with nutrients suitable for our garden.

All we do is mix the worms with horse manure and these terrific little workers do their magic.


Since our arrival in Poptun some 35 years ago, we have had a constant program of reforesting with a variety of jungle and fruit trees.

  In the last 6 years alone, we have reforested around 25 hectares with the local pine species, cedar, and a variety of other tropical trees.

Natural Swimming Pond

We do not use a conventional swimming pool; we have a spring-water fed swimming pond which is all natural and chemical free.

The spring water goes in on one side and is pushed out the other side via a waterfall to keep the water constantly fresh. It is our goal and will always be to do as much for the environment as we can.