Finca Ixobel is located on the outskirts of the town of POPTUN at KM marker number 376 in the northern Department (state) of PETEN between Rio Dulce and Santa Elena, Flores and the ruins of Tikal.

If you are coming from the north or Tikal, Santa Elena and Flores you can hop on a mini bus from the Santa Elena bus depot. Mini buses leave every fifteen minutes. Tell the minibus driver you are going to Finca Ixobel and he will drop you off at our doorstep.  You may also hop on a bus that goes to Guatemala City and get off in POPTUN. Once in town hop on any tuk-tuk to Finca Ixobel. We recomend the mini bus. Both take around two hours to get to POPTUN.

If you are coming from the south or Rio Dulce you will need to hop on a bus that is going to Santa Elena and Flores. There are no minibuses from Rio Dulce only big buses. Get off in POPTUN and take a tuk tuk to Finca Ixbobel. If you are coming from Guatemala City the best way is to take a direct bus that goes to Santa Elena and Flores. The bus companies we recommend are the Linea Dorada and ADN. These offer a day and a night bus. They will drop you off in POPTUN from which you can take a tuk tuk to Finca Ixobel. Cheaper chicken buses do run every hour but take longer because of frequent stops.




Hotel and Camping

Poptun Peten, Guatemala, Central America
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